The second commercial airport located closest to Kraków is the Pyrzowice Airport in Upper Silesia. Its close vicinity to another large Polish city – Katowice – makes it an equally attractive flight point for our customers as Balice. We provide the VIP transfer service both in terms of transport from Kraków to the airport as well as from the airport to Kraków, but also any other city in Poland. Kraków is located circa 110 km from Pyrzowice that is why we estimate circa one and a half hours for the travel. The details are determined individually during the order – we take into consideration the road capacity (day, night) and the client’s preferences.

The VIP client receives a high class, fully equipped Mercedes-Benz S-class limousine or Mercedes-Benz V-class VAN (with access to Wi-Fi and a water cabinet with the possibility to fill the cabinet in accordance with the client’s wish and organize refreshments), a qualified and dedicated driver, fluent in English, who will also be the coordinator of the travel, as well as complete flexibility in terms of the current changes to the order. We provide the highest quality of services, adjusted to the requirements of PREMIUM Clients.

Mercedes-Benz E-class (1-3 person) Mercedes-Benz S-class (1-3 person) Mercedes-Benz V-Class (1-7 person)
200 EUR* 400 EUR* 250 EUR* ORDER

*All the prices are per a car and do not include tip for the chauffers.