The Auschwitz- Birkenau museum takes us back to the times of the II World War and lets us see what the life in Nazi concentration camp was like. This visit is a history class that gives you a unique opportunity of finding out the darkest recesses of human nature. There were more than 1 million people murdered over there, mainly Jews who had been brought from all the countries being occupied, or staying under the political influence of the German Nazis. The people died in gas chambers, were tortured and there were inhuman medical experiments performed on them. It is a terrifying lesson of what Holocaust was and how it worked.

Sightseeing is divided into two parts: first with Auschwitz camp, and then 3,5km away Auschwitz-II Birkenau. Of course your chauffeur will be at your disposal all the time. Getting to know those German Nazi crimes takes at least 3 hours.  Most of the grounds and buildings are accessible for visitors excluding only the blocks reserved for the Museum administration and its departments. We offer Krakow – Auschwitz door-to-door chauffeur service as well.

Transport price

1-3 person
(Sedan car type)
4-8 person
(Van car type)
Above 9 person
170 EUR/car*220 EUR/car*Ask for priceOrder

*All the prices include cost per car and do not include entries nor a tip for the chauffers.

Entrance tickets price

Time for journeyTime for sightseeingTicket price
1,5h 3-3,5h35 EUR - Adults
30 EUR - Reduced Fare (pupils and students after showing student ID card)