VIP YesKraków constitutes a luxurious transfer on the route between Kraków-Capital City, Chopin Airport, Warsaw-other. We take our clients from a location most convenient for them, for example the tarmac, parking as close to the plane as possible. We plan, organize, and coordinate the transfer, caring for such issues as baggage, a route adjusted to the client’s requirements, Wi-Fi access, and at the client’s request organizing the liquor cabinet or arranging refreshments.

The VIP fleet consists in fully equipped vehicles of the highest class – a Mercedes-Benz S-class limousine and a Mercedes-Benz V-class VAN limousine. We care for an impeccable appearance (the driver is wearing a suit) and high personal etiquette of the drivers. All drivers are fluent in English, and are trained in terms of how to properly handle a PREMIUM Client. At every stage the service is executed in a flexible manner with the possibility to adjust it to the changing needs. The distance between Kraków and Warsaw is circa 350 km.

Mercedes-Benz E-class (1-3 person) Mercedes-Benz S-class (1-3 person) Mercedes-Benz V-Class (1-7 person)
500 EUR* 1000 EUR* 700 EUR* ORDER

*All the prices are per a car and do not include tip for the chauffers.